Here are just a few of the comments we have received from our clients upon receipt of their custom orders:
"Hello!  The portrait came in the mail on Tuesday! When I opened it, I almost cried. You did such a fantastic job. I love the warmth in Reba's eyes and Garrett's little ear fuzz is perked up just right! I loved that you even added Garrett's little green tag. The amount of detail and work you up into this is amazing.
I drove right out to Dad's that day and he was awestruck when he saw it. He was so impressed with the craftsmanship of that beautiful frame and of the details you put into both of his "kids". He immediately showed it off to his friends at work and he plans on hanging it in the living room. He was so impressed he mentioned he might have to have a portrait made of our horse!
I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work, and I extend my thanks ot your husband as well for his skillful creation of the frame. It's absolutely wonderful. I loved the professional details, everything from the date and Reba and Garrett's names on the back to his dog tag. Their character and warmth is everywhere in your art, and I don't think it could have been done better. Thank you again for all your hard work. It was well worth the wait."   (RM, Nebraska)
 "Just wanted to let you folks know that my daughter Paula ordered two dog cookie jars from you for Christmas presents.  One was for me (2 black labs-Kohl & Jake); the other for her sister (3 Rotties Hope, Lexi and Junior).  They were exquisite!!!  I was mesmerized that you even got the grey in Jake's soon-to-be14 year old face.  It was my thrill of Christmas morning.  I assure you that we will be making a future order from you!  You should be VERY proud of your craftsmanship!!!"  (MS, Maine)
"Have just heard from the second of the two recipients of your creative artistry.  Wonderful comments, you should be really pleased.  My cousin who received the mirror with the picture of her dog Jazzy was over the moon and I received an e-mail today from France saying the picinic basket of "Le Monteuil" was already at use holding Sarah's sewing items and she is so pleased - so THANK YOU again for doing such a fantastic job.  I just need to see who I can line up this coming year for you to work on." (VC, Mass.)
"I want to thank you so much for the wonderful napkin basket that you did for me.  It was definitely the most enjoyed present under the tree.  As it turns out the lighthouse as I know it is brick all the way around but when my father lived in the apartment next to the lighthouse it was indeed white.  We were not 100% positive but my father showed the box to my 92 year old aunt and she cried because you captured the exact picture that she remembered as a child.  Thanks again for allowing me to give my father the perfect Christmas gift!!!!!"  (MC, Mass.)
"Hi Carol...the watering can JUST arrived adn I have to tell you it's even nicer than I imagined.  I love it and cannot wait for my husband to see it tonight.  Thank you so much...what a talent!  I'm going to show it to a lot of my new neighbors...I wouldn't be too surprised if you get a few more orders.  Thank you again....I think mine is even nicer than ______'s....but we won't tell her that!  Again, I love it....thank you so much."  (NA, Virginia)
"I received the calendar yesterday and I'm absolutely thrilled with it and so is my husband.  You captured the true and total spirit of both my girls (cats).  I can't get over how you got JazzABell's "catatude" by the look she always has in her eyes.  She always looks a little miffed about something, pensive, and Sabrinia looks more relaxed and softer in the eyes.  You got it perfect on both of them.  Even my daughter couldn't believe how beautiful and "real" they both look.  She calls JazzABell the stuckup snob cat and she felt you capture her essence just right.  Thanks again and know that I'm 150% satisfied with the outcome." (DB, New Hampshire)
"I just received the clock and I have to tell you that it is the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever seen.  I want you to know that it brought a tear to my eye.  This clock is the most valuable gift I could have ever gotten for my parents.  Needless to say, this gift will be cherished for a lifetime."  (MT, Tenn.)
"My in-laws just received it (basket).  They just went nuts over it.  My sister-in-law and mother-in-law were making so much noise over it, my father-in-law couldn't hear what I was saying on the phone.  They thought you captured it (bed and breakfast) perfectly.  It's the best gift I've given this Christmas by far."  (KG, Mass.)
"Your Horton Center (scene) mirrors were a tremendous hit.  Not only were the (two) graduates thrilled, but Matt (one of the dads) was immensely touched."  (PH, New Hampshire)
"The mirrors just arrived.  They are beautiful.  They will be the favorite gifts I am sure.  Thank you."  (RS, Mass.)
"Just wanted to let you know that Barbara got the canister to me.  IT"S AWESOME!  Thank you so moooooooose!  I love it!  (portrait was of a moose in water).  (KJ, Mass.)
Thank you so much.  I have now received the calendar and I love it!!!  It was a nice surprise.  I already have hung it on the wall and it is in use."  (MT, Mass.)
"Thank you for the beautiful memorial box.  It is truly a work of art.  You and Lloyd did an excellent job on it.  This is now one of our treasured family heirlooms."  (PG, New Hampshire)
"The finished work looks fantastic!  Effusive thanks to you and your husband for the fine artistry!  I want to show off your work to friends and co-workers before I give it away."  (JS, Mass.)
"The painting is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so much.  It is already hanging on the wall - a permanent reminder of our beloved Marcus!  You did a wonderful job!"  (TA, NH)


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