We have changed our website from a retail site to an informational site.  Some prices are still listed.   We found that the majority of our clients would look at the website and then call or e-mail us to discuss details of order they wish to place.   We encourage you to do the same. Nothing else on this site has changed and we are in the process of adding new products. 
 You may also visit our etsy site:  www.etsy.com/shop/hrt2handcreations 
where you may order on the site.  Not all our products are on etsy but you may certainly request a custom order for anything you might see on here. 

Have you heard about ACEO's?  We hadn't until just recently and we love the concept. Original art can be very expensive and this is one way for people to collect and own actual pieces at wonderfully affordable prices. The only requirement for this type of work is that each piece measures 2-1/2" wide by 3-1/2" high. Small? Yes! Different? Yes! Something for everyone? You guessed it...yes! People buy them for many reasons....for display, for trading and for collecting. They may be framed and grouped together, displayed on a small (VERY small!) easel or as a collection in a basket or fancy box.

We are now slowly adding magnet ACEO's to our product line. Thought it would be fun to paint some little guys on pieces of MDF and we think they turned out rather cute if we do say so ourselves. Just a start.  Perfect for mounting on the refrigerator or file cabinets at work.  Each comes with a small easel.


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